Posted by: energytalkradio | July 21, 2009

Life Without Limitation – Unexpected Miracles

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There once was an average man who experienced an unexpected miracle. A miracle brought about out of the darkness of disease and death. One evening he sat in a chair watching his last hours of television, contemplating his mortality and planning his funeral. He was dying from AIDS. The doctors told him to arrange his affairs for his life would soon be at an end.

All of a sudden a ray of hope flickered across the screen. A special with Dr. Wayne Dyer was celebrating the benefits of the “AH” meditation. Dr. Dyer had been given this sound by Gurugi, a Tamil Siddha whose mission was to end suffering in the world. The dying man was very head strong and sensible in life and rarely opened his mind to things as nonsensical as a sound healing one’s body. However, something in his heart, mind and soul opened up. He knew it was not his time to pass on, that there was something more he was meant to do, so he went to his bedroom, put a pillow over his head to muffle the sound and started chanting this ancient mantra.

Against all odds, contrary to all medical opinion and beyond all imagination, the man healed. Not only did he thwart death, but he found new life beyond disease, discomfort, illusion, pain and suffering. He found a life of fulfillment, empowerment, spirituality and abundance. His life became a beacon of hope to many and he promised to share his gift with the world. He promised to be a light of hope and help end suffering.

Even though at times it doesn’t seem possible, that man was me, a person not unlike most who are lost in the illusion of life. Suffering and not able to see beyond popular belief and the pain that our beliefs cause. This book is about a practical way to transform those illusions and beliefs that no longer serve those suffering. Through this transformation a life of health, awareness, joy, peace, love and prosperity can developed, maintained and by doing so, each person can be a conduit for the divine and create a world beyond our wildest dreams!

For more about the miracles of Dattatreya Siva Baba (the YouTube Guru) please visit and listen to Life Without Limitation with Markandeya


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