Posted by: energytalkradio | July 16, 2009

What would your great great grandmother think?

July 2009 003In todays world of disposable cups, phones and cars where are our ancestors?  Genetically we are like our ancestors – eyes, hair, diseases.  I happen to have inherited my family’s overly strong fondness for alcohol.  What about my relationship to money, relationships, and spirituality.  Could I have inherited characteristics that keep me from living the life of my dreams?

If I look at this question purely on a physical level, I can easily see that I’ve inheritedmy father’s narrow shoulders and no matter how much I’ve tried to be a body builder, I never achieved the desired result.  In much the same way my ideas about marriage, wealth and God have all been skewed. 

Now, what if I had the chance to erase all that DNA and start fresh?  What if I could be anyway I wanted to be?  If I could take my brain and just hit the delete button, what would I fill it with instead?  Well, it surely wouldn’t be fear and unhappiness.  Well, I’ve come accross a way to erase those old thoughts through the YouTube Guru Dattatreya Siva Baba.  He shares many techniques that clear away the old “Karma” (or for lack of a better word, our thoughts that no longer serve us) and replace them with thoughts that create more joy, peace and love in our lives.

Starting www.EnergyTalkRadio.comand finding ways to help others has been a dream come true for me.  I hope everyone gets the chance to live the life of their dreams.  For more information on Dattatreya Siva Baba please visit:


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