Posted by: energytalkradio | July 9, 2009

Divorce Guru on Energy Talk Radio

Kim HessFounder of Sunny Wang and I pose at Energy Talk Radio studio in San FranciscoHello Friends!

Your Divorce Guru has been busy. Busy doing what? Busy becoming a radio star!

I have a new show on Energy Talk Radio called “Kim Hess Divorce Guru.” It’s fun, I laugh alot, and I’m happy. I also co-host a show with the founder of the website Love Detour, where I give uplifting advice about divorce.

Who could imagine that getting divorced from the man I loved with all my heart would open up so many doors for me: doors that ultimately let me enter into a happier, more fulfilled existence?

I’m writing this to all of you out there who may be thinking that divorce is the worst thing that could happen to you. And it probably is. But be sure to keep the faith that sometimes when the worst things happen to you, it is a catalyst for the best things to occur in your life. Enjoy the quick video where I am a guest on the radio show “Life Without Limitation” hosted by Markandaya. You can hear the entire show by clicking here.

Remember that your divorce is just the very beginning to living your life without any limitations. If I can learn that and live it, then so can you!


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