Posted by: energytalkradio | July 7, 2009

“Love each other unconditionally and you will be enlightened.” ~ Dattatreya Siva Baba

HoPE Towns

Yesterday was Guru Purnima – The Full Moon of the Guru in Hindu tradition. To celebrate this day where we honor our spiritual teachers of every tradition there was a great focus on helping others.

Dr. Baskaran Pillai states:  “From this Guru Purnima onwards, we will celebrate this Guru Purnima not only for remembering the guru and the wisdom he stands for. I’m declaring to the world that we are going to prove our love through helping the poor people who can’t afford to have housing and education. We are going to build HoPE Towns all around the world. Participating in this program to build HOPE Towns for the poor is very close to my heart. This is truly service to the world and to God. Let us create a new world order and create Heaven on Earth.”

In San Francisco at the Chinatown Library, a small group of students donated enough money to build two homes in the Philipines or India. “Each house costs $2000 USD. Gawad Kalinga brings the resources of land, architects and engineers and builders, dedicated volunteers, and the poor of the community give their ‘sweat equity”.

Tripura Foundation (EnergyTalkRadio’s featured foundation) is committing $50,000 for 25 houses and is encouraging all our supporters to match our donation to achieve a fundraising target of $50,000 for the remaining 25 houses.
It is amazing that if each of us contributes even a small amount of money by our standards, we can change the lives of others so dramatically. For more information to see how you can make a difference, please visit:
Stay tuned to for more developments on this wonderful endeavor…Thank you for joining as we all support “Fun & Inspirational Talk Radio…Making a Difference!”


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