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Radio Show #4: Dennis Wininger goes on a Proper Walk in Kenya to raise money for the Makindu Children’s Center for AIDS orphans.

June 26, 2009 by BikiniKat Fan Club – Flower Diamond

I was honored to have in the studio, Dennis Wininger, who took what is called a Proper Walk through remote areas in Kenya to raise money for the Makindu Children’s Center, a relief center for children, most of them AIDS orphans. AIDS Orphans are children who lost their parents to AIDS and are left to fend for themselves. Many end up living on the streets.

Makindu is a village in Kenya that was devastated by AIDS. There are over a million orphans in Kenya. But Dennis and others are making a difference.

The Proper Walk was created as a fundraiser just like the walk-a-thons we are familiar with. However, the Proper Walk is dangerous. You need more then a pair of sneakers and a visor. The nature of the land is not friendly to non-natives. The natives may be non-friendly to outsiders, and you just might come face to face with a wild animal you have only seen in a zoo.

Now, Dennis is not an outdoors man, nor a person that is an extreme traveler looking for the next bungee jumping thrill. Dennis was born in Nebraska, he is a writer and reader who has been married for 22 years, he has a 15 year old son and he lives in San Francisco where he works as a high tech sales and marketing professional.

On my show, the Flower Power Hour, we discussed what inspired Dennis to take a Proper Walk. An average vacationer who decided to take this challenging trek of 150 miles in ten days through Kenya by foot with 16 camels.

The Proper Walk supports 20% of the Makindu Center yearly budget. Not bad for ten travelers and a bunch of camels. A term is popping up for this kind of a “vacation” it’s called Adventure for a Cause. So instead of coming home with a t-shirt, you come back home with the blush of adventure on your cheeks and a knowing that you did something real to help a child in need.

If you are sensing the call to dip your foot into an unforgettable story you can share at the Thanksgiving table, check out

Even after a day of traveling on foot in the Kenyan frontier, Dennis wrote a journal of his adventure. He took those notes one step further to write and self-publish the book: A Proper Walk, My Journey to Help the Children of Makindu. Proceeds goes to help the Makindu Children’s Center. The center supports 400 children.




Dennis just started a blog Energy Talk Radio will be following his story over the next year. We look forward to hearing about his adventure in fundraising and raising awareness about how you can help!


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