Posted by: energytalkradio | May 5, 2009

Everyday Miracles – Healing From AIDS and Heart Disease

I met a man with AIDS, a pace maker, six stints, wires and screws in his feet, no discs in part of his spine and many other ailments. You would expect to see a person with this record in hospice, but as we spoke, he was headed off to the gym to run a couple miles and do an hour of Pilates. He’s fit, handsome, full of energy and life, and yet 8 years ago, Doctors told him to go home and prepare for death. He was suffering from AIDS related complications and there was nothing more western medicine could do for him.

As he tells his story in a mater-of-fact sort of way, I’m struck with awe that this man has healed from AIDS. In a world where many people (who can afford the medicine) must go from one treatment to the next to continue supporting their immune system; often with terrible side effects, he is healthy and on the same medicine that wasn’t working when the doctors gave up. For eight years now that same medicine has keep is viral load undetectable. “Undetectable” means that he has healed from AIDS.

The question that races through my mind is, “Have we found a cure for AIDS?” When asked this question, Mike Michaud, San Francisco Radio Talk Show Host, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker explains,

“There is a significant difference between healing and curing. Healing brings us closer to higher reality and higher states of consciousness where the negative painful affects of disease do not exist; instead it is where our original state of wellness and abundance resides. These states are outside and beyond the realm of our normal thought process. Curing means bringing you back to where you were before diagnosis. If where you were mentally and spiritually was not closer to God or higher states of consciousness then you have not been healed. Disease may not be present in a laboratory testing environment when curing occurs but your mental anguish and a deficit in spirit still exists and that is when disease symptoms can reoccur.”

Mike Michaud is a student of Dattatreya Siva Baba, the Guru who inspired Dr. Wayne Dyer to write the best selling book, Manifest Your Destiny. Dattatreya taught Mike to heal not only AIDS, but all other aspects of his life from health to love, money and success through sound-mind technology. This practice is an ancient secret technology only recently disclosed to the West, but despite it’s ancient origins it has Quantum Physicist in awe over it’s power to Manifest by changing people’s lives and bodies from the inside out.
Also, two years ago Mike underwent a groundbreaking six (6) stint and pacemaker implant surgery without anesthesia; where he had a miniscule chance of surviving, let alone thriving afterward. I had the opportunity to meet with Mike’s cardiologist… it was clear that he had an overwhelming respect for Mike’s meditative process. His doctor even told Mike that when he recently underwent surgery himself, and fear started to overwhelm him, he remembered how Mike underwent that amazing surgery with such peace. It inspired him to meditate and his surgery was a great success.
Mike’s healing example alone should give us reason to pause and contemplate the power of this and other ancient meditation practices.

The fact that scientists and doctors are also fascinated with this technology certainly makes my mind wonder, “Can AIDS and all other diseases be a thing of the past? And, if AIDS can be healed with the mind, what other amazing things can we accomplish if… we put our mind to it?



  1. This story is so inspirational. The most important vitamin is right between the ears. Thanks so much for sharing this story. Thank you so much for spearheading Energy Talk Radio!

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